Hang On Tree Stand (All Questions Answered)

• How to hang a tree stand?

Tree stands are not tricky to install. These stands come with ties, straps, and buckles that help keep the structure fixed to the tree stock. You can easily follow the instructions and ensure that the stand is placed correctly to avoid slips and accidents.

Be sure to keep the tree stand straight so you can avoid imbalance. Besides this, you must double-check the straps and buckles to keep the stand intact. Remember that the tree stand will not remain in place if you do not strap it tightly! 

• Where should I set up the stand for better hunting?

When you reach the site for hunting, look for a tree that offers the best view of the area. You would want to view the best spot, so take a few minutes to decide the best location.

The direction of the tree stand can be any as long as you place it in a place where animals visit or rest. Many of us cannot tell where animals will be but try and look for signs and believe me; you will find enough evidence of the presence of your prey!

• Can a tree stand support hunting kits and multiple weapons?

A tree stand is your resort for staying out of the stage but remain in it. Sitting up in a tree provides a good view, but each tree stand is different for holding weight.

If your tree stand is for heavy support, you may carry your kit, crossbow, and rifle. However, you must be aware of the support threshold to do not exceed the weight limit for the tree stand.

Moreover, if you are on a tree stand that offers just enough space for you, it might be hard to carry many things with you! Imagine sitting on a stand that is only a seat, and you try to give space to your hunting kit, too; you might fall off if you are not careful enough!

• Do I need to buy a tree stand for hunting?

The tree stand is not hunting essential, but it will be helpful, especially if you are going elk or moose hunting. Some animals are more agile, and the view from a higher place is always a plus point.

Secondly, some of us only hunt for fun and might not be ready to invest in the game. If you think your commitment to the game requires only a weapon and some essential gear, go for that only!

Factors to consider before buying

After knowing what the best tree stand can do for you, there are still many things to consider before buying one. Every hunter must know which stand would suit their style and prey.

If you are a bird hunter, you wouldn’t need a tree stand, but if you aim to hunt down wolves, the top view will make a difference! Before you head out to pick up one of the tree stands we ranked for you; begin to narrow down the options by first making a list of the ones that suit you individually.

• Type of prey

The first and foremost reason to buy a tree stand is to hunt animals that do not wander about in the wilderness when they know some foreigner is nearby.

Secondly, an elevated view is the best way to aim if your prey is agile and moves a lot. For deer, elk, moose, and even smaller animals like rabbits and wolves, one should get a tree stand for safety and the view. 

• The trees at the hunting site

If you are looking for prey in the open, a tree stand will not matter for you! All tree stands have grip ropes and demanding supporters that keep them in place and secure.

If the tree stand is not compatible with the kind of trees growing in that area, you wouldn’t feel safe up there! And we would never recommend hanging a stand on very thin or smooth stock trees.

Think of the area, the trees, and the type of stock before you buy a tree stand. Every part of your rip must be a good fit for you!

• Type of tree stands

Do you want a standing tree stand or a fixed seat? Should it have steps or a ladder? If you and a partner want to hunt together, the hang-on tree stand might be a weak choice. Similarly, if you want to hunt deer, you need a higher stand as they can sense and smell humans.

You wouldn’t want your prey to get suspicious and disappear, so let’s keep it clear that if you are hunting a particular animal or have a kit that needs space, look for a climber tree stand as it will be able to hold more weight. 

• Will you be up for a more extended period?

If you plan to spend a few hours on a tree stand, please ensure comfort! It is no fun to be tired and stuck in a tree when you can enjoy the wilderness and the silence while sitting in a stand! Many hunters keep compound bows as well as rifles, and they require more space.

 you might want a footrest as well as an armrest to help you aim better. Some of you might even want to use a rifle with a stand. Be sure to keep your specifications in mind when you go to buy a tree stand. These babies don’t cost pennies, and you cannot carry more than one tree stand either!

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