Excalibur Crossbow Reviews 2021 (Top 5 Picks)

We tried almost all the crossbows from Excalibur because of hype and here are our in-depth Excalibur crossbow reviews…

Excalibur enjoys a position among the best crossbows from the manufacturer Bowtech. 

Excalibur Crossbow Reviews:





EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW, Matrix G.R.Z. 2 Package Realtree Xtra

305 FPS

5.5 pounds

Excalibur Axe 340 Kryptek Raid with S.D.S. & Air Brakes Recurve Crossbow Package #E74132

340 FPS

 5.5 pounds

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Micro 315 3315 Crossbow with Dead-Zone, Medium, Realtree Camouflage

 315 FPS

5.2 pounds

Excalibur 1108709 E95857 Micro Suppressor Crossbow Package, Camo, One Size

355 FPS

5.4 pounds

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Sapphire 6860 Crossbow with Dead-Zone, Medium, Mossy Oak

305 FPS

 5.5 pounds

All the models from this brand are competitive, comfortable, and have all the features needed to improve crossbow hunting skills. Take a look at the battle of Excalibur Vs. Excalibur looks like!

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW, Matrix G.R.Z. 2 Package Realtree Xtra

The Excalibur Matrix GRZ2 is the trending crossbow of the year 2021. We bought this bow to review it, and there were many things to fall in love with at first sight. Let’s take a look at the specifications first:

• Speed 305 FPS

• Kinetic Energy 72.3 KE

• Draw Weight 200 pounds

• Width, Uncocked and cocked: 30.5” and 26.5” respectively.

• Overall Length 33.25 inches. 

• Tactical Black finish.

• Power Scope with one-inch rings. 

As you unbox the bow, the lightweight yet sturdy crossbow appears to be complete without much tuning. Some might wonder if this light and narrow-frame crossbow can shoot at the whopping speed of 300FPS. 

The slightly ‘skeleton’ stock has finger guards and a synthetic mainframe. The power shifts to the Matrix Power-load limbs and that adds to the speed of the arrow as you shoot. 

With a power stroke of 11.2 inches, this Excalibur crossbow makes shooting an easy task. Old and Beginner archers can enjoy hunting with this crossbow. 

The Matrix G.R.Z. 2 can help you hunt all-size games. 

Shooting with this crossbow is easy. However, the draw weight might sound a lot, but it is easy to shoot with precision. 

Many users consider it the most accurate and powerful. Excalibur crossbows bear the flag of power and durability. 

Built based on power load limbs, this crossbow delivers speed as well as comfort. I’d say for the money; it is the best pick from the Excalibur lot!

Many people say that beginners can perform well with this Excalibur crossbow. 

Additionally, it is light and easy to hold, which makes it a natural weapon for beginners. Here are some pros and cons of the crossbow that will help you determine if it’s made for you!


• Excellent for the price.

• Lightweight.

• Great starter crossbow.

• Top quality limbs. 


• Slightly loud.

• Basic design often leads archers to want another, more advanced crossbow. 

• No Anti Dri-Fire security system.

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Excalibur Axe 340 Kryptek Raid with S.D.S. & Air Brakes Recurve Crossbow Package #E74132:

With dependable performance, the Excalibur Kryptek Raid is one of the high-ranked crossbows. 

This Excalibur crossbow brings value, accuracy, and a lot more at an affordable price. With this crossbow, you can take down any animal! Check out the features here, and then we will discuss them in detail:

• Draw weight 270 pounds.

• Speed 340 FPS

• Draw length 13 inches.

• Mass weight 5.5 pounds

• Overall length of 31.75 inches

• Width uncocked and cocked: 25” and 22” respectively.

• Kryptek Raid Camo.

The Axe 340 is an advanced version of the Excalibur Axe, but only lighter and faster! The staggering speed of 340 FPS is a feature you cannot ignore! 

The best part about this lightweight Excalibur crossbow is that it is narrow and manageable for beginners also. The bonus features include Dry Fire security to avoid accidents and the R.E.D. 

Suppressors. These features make using the Axe 340 simple and comfortable. This Excalibur crossbow is suitable for the range and for the hunting events you want to plan! 

Excalibur is a genius with lightweight designs, by now we all know that, so let’s see how the Kryptek 340 is different from the other bows from the same brand. The Dead Zone Scope! 

This feature is what I liked the most with this crossbow. Who doesn’t want some new vision when they are aiming at big animals? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons here.


• Lightweight.

• Ideal for beginners.

• Has a reliable anti-Dry-Fire system.

• Dead Zone Scope for best vision in dark hours. 


• Nothing that we can talk about!

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EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Micro 315 3315 Crossbow with Dead-Zone, Medium, Realtree Camouflage:

This compact recurve Excalibur crossbow is feather-light, and I think that is enough for any buyer going for first-time purchase! 

The Micro 315 is the newer version of the Micro 335, and it only puts all the features in perspective. Here are the highlights:

• Speed 315 FPS

• Draw weight 260 pounds

• Physical weight 5.2 pounds

• Overall length of 32.5 inches

• Stock is feather lite

• Power stroke 10

The Micro 315 comes with a Dead Zone Scope with one ring, Four-arrow quiver, Guardian anti-Dri-Fire system, and a rope cocking aid. 

You also get arrows with this bow so that as soon as you unpack, you are ready to go! 

The Feather-lite skeletonized stock is one thing, but the slim build of the bow makes it easy to aim from narrow openings. 

What I liked the most about this lightweight recurve Excalibur crossbow is that it is a perfect companion for tree stands, tight spots, and easy to carry too! 

This crossbow requires less cocking effort, which makes it a hit with beginners. Excalibur’s sturdy engineering is on point with this bow, and it makes an ideal pick for many decades to come. 


• Feather-lite stock makes it a natural weapon for hunting.

• All accessories are included.

• Dead Zone Scope works the best!

• Realtree Xtra is perfect camouflage.

• Less cocking effort.


• The Micro 315 can be too speedy, and the lightweight crossbow might require some foot control. New archers and hunters need to practice before they head out for some shooting.

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Excalibur 1108709 E95857 Micro Suppressor Crossbow Package, Camo, One Size:

This Excalibur crossbow can be the twin brother for Micro 335, except that it offers a few more features. Take a look at the specifications, and you’ll see what we mean! 

• Speed 355 FPS

• Draw weight 280 pounds

• Weight 5.4 pounds

• Overall length 31 inches

• Power stroke 10.2 inches.

Let’s dive into the part about what I liked the most! I am excited to tell you that the Tack Zone scope is phenomenal! 

If you try out this Excalibur crossbow, make sure you get this scope with your set to improve your adventure. The speed of this crossbow tops all the other Excalibur designs, and the lightweight stock is the signature of the brand.

Another feature that is almost equal to the scope is that this crossbow is silent like the dead. Other Excalibur crossbows have some noise, but not this one. 

If you pick this Excalibur crossbow, it will make it easier to aim and shoot big game, but it will also be more comfortable because your target does not get the tip-off. 


• Tack Zone scope works well.

• Silent crossbow

• Lightweight and comfortable for beginners


• The high speed can make the limb crack. 

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EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Sapphire 6860 Crossbow with Dead-Zone, Medium, Mossy Oak:

The Matrix Sapphire is a beautiful Excalibur crossbow with the eye of an eagle and the speed of a cheetah! Well, it is not as high-speed as the crossbows mentioned above, but it does a great job. Check out the features:

• Speed 305 FPS

• Kinetic Energy 72.3 KE

• Draw weight 200 pounds

• Width uncocked and cocked: 30.5” and 26.75,” respectively.

• Overall length of 32.25 inches

• Weight 5.5 pounds

All our small-framed friends will love this Excalibur crossbow for sure! The Matrix Sapphire is easy to maneuver, while it performs excellently.

This model is the Excalibur brand’s comfort and short stock design. The crossbow offers a reduced length of pull, making it an excellent choice for new archers and younger hunters. 

The Compact Recurve Technology limbs make this crossbow an exclusive edition of the Excalibur crossbow. The ergonomic thumbhole offers unparalleled support while shooting. 

This Excalibur crossbow has the same durability and reliability that all other Excaliburs offer. You will get a rope cocking aid, Dead Zone scope, quiver, and arrows along with this crossbow.


• An excellent pick for younger hunters.

• Silent and compact.

• Mossy Oak camouflage adds value.


• Seasoned hunters might want a speedier crossbow.

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Why Excalibur?

Excalibur is a crossbow line from Bowtech, the pioneer of design and engineering that makes these crossbows a great purchase. 

Whenever a new hunter or even a seasoned shooter wants to buy a crossbow, they might look for the models that are trending in the market. 

Excalibur recurve crossbows, and compound bows are built to last for years. So, of course, when you go for a new one, you wouldn’t know what to search for! 

The Excalibur crossbows mentioned above are available in the market at reasonable prices, which adds to their value. 

We compiled a review of only this brand to narrow down the choices for our valuable readers. Whenever you decide to buy a crossbow, you can just select the one that suits you the most. 

Our experience with all these Excalibur crossbows is discussed in detail, and we have stated what we liked the most. Hopefully, this will help you identify the most suitable hunting or archery partner. 

These crossbows are all best for hunting as the speed is not ordinary. They can all shoot down the big and small game so that hunters of variety can enjoy the sport without investing in a new crossbow!

Some of the common questions buyers have are:

Is Excalibur durable?

Are these crossbows suitable for hunting?

What makes them good-quality?

Are they worth the money?

For all these questions, you can find a one-word answer, and that is yes!

Bowtech is more than three decades old, and over time, the brand has innovated and created crossbows for any kind of animal in North America. You can use these crossbows easily, without spending a lot on maintenance. 

Advantages of owning an Excalibur crossbow:

The recurve Excalibur crossbows are simple design and more comfortable to understand than the compound bows. This simple design makes them easy to maintain too. 

Another advantage is that the Excalibur recurve crossbows are durable, so you don’t have to purchase a new bow at the beginning of the hunting season! 

If you need proof, you can find video reviews where people have tried to run trucks over the Excalibur crossbow, and it still worked! What more can you ask for?

The Excalibur crossbow stock is Feather-lite or even lighter! This makes it easier to use, and hunters of the smaller frame can also handle these bows with ease. 

Easy decocking and scopes that can make you see through the night are added value! 

Try out an Excalibur, and you too will become a fan!

Are there any disadvantages?

Apart from the crackling limbs on some models, there is no other disadvantage. However, the limbs can be replaced easily. 

This crackling occurs as the speed of every Excalibur crossbow is too high for the narrow frames. If you hunt at the maximum capacity of the crossbow, there is a chance that the limbs might get weak. 

We may suggest that you can search the web for common problems people faced. However, the Excalibur after-sales services ensure a replacement or a new crossbow any time that you require. 

I don’t think that a lifetime warranty ever sounded sweeter than this! 

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