Best Arrow Rest 2021 Reviews (Top 6 Picks)

We tried a lot of arrow rest from multiple companies and Here are the 6 Best arrow rest reviews…

With time, we see many advancements to help improve our performance in every field. Narrowing the tracks down to our favorite game of hunting, many tools are available to compensate for skill and give the results we all want. 

Release aids, strings, rangefinders, compound bows, and cam systems are all ‘tools’ to help shoot down big games even when you are a beginner at hunting. Arrow rests are a small, yet useful component of the crossbow.

This article will discuss some of the best options we have and what makes them best. 

The main types of arrow rest included

• Whisker Biscuit arrow rests.

• Drop-away arrow rest.

• Plunger arrow rest.

• 3D and specialty arrow rest.

 Best Arrow Rest Reviews:






Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro

370 FPS


Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot

375 FPS

more than 150 pounds

Vapor Trail Limbdriver Pro-V rest

315 FPS


Ripcord Technologies Code Red



Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Power Shot

400 FPS

 175 lbs

Quality Archery Design UltraRest HDX



Here we go…

1: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro

Starting from the most popular, Sure Shot, Pro is an ideal choice for archers who use release on the compound bow.

Here are the Pros and Cons for our speedy readers:


• Aluminum construction.

• Windage and elevation.

• Easy to understand for beginners.

• Precision and accuracy.

• Silent.


• Not a downside, but Sure Shot Pro might not allow you to learn how to shoot, given the ease and facility it provides in adding to your shooting experience.

The aluminum construction of this arrow rest is light, yet provides the ruggedness that is part of the outdoor game. Windage and elevation are easy to adjust with the laser-engraved reference marks. 

A newbie can even figure this part out! When it is time to shoot, your arrow will be in the right spot, and your effort will be reduced. Fletching contact with the rest can impact your shot adversely, but with the Trophy Ridge Sure Shot, you can rest assured that the engineering will minimize any adversity.

The Sure Shot Pro is also a pro at successful shots. Arrow rest contact with the arrow shaft improves accuracy and precision. The rubber boots protect the loading area and reduce arrow-loading noise as well. Every time, you can shoot away stealthily and bring down prey without multiple attempts.

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2: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot

Let’s just say, the Quick Shot provides all you need, and it won’t shoot an arrow through your pocket either! Here are the Pros and Cons at a glance:


• Composite construction.

• Shoots precisely.

• Quick and quiet.

• Basic tool for beginners and regular archers.


• Trophy ridge arrow rest does not provide elevation tuning.

• Beginners might find it challenging to adjust D-loop accordingly.

• Lack of skill may impact usage.

The composite construction of Quick Shot arrow rest allows windage, but there is no elevation adjustment. 

Beginners might require some time to understand how to adjust the D-loop for tuning of the bow as the Quick Shot does not provide this adjustment. Besides the tuning issue, you will like this economical version of the best arrow rests in town!

The Quick Shot provides all the features that you will need for a good shooting experience. However, the tuning of elevation and some other ‘luxuries’ that are part of the expensive arrow rests might be missing. 

Many beginners and new archers will feel a little vulnerable at first, but once you get used to it, you will call this arrow rest the best purchase ever!

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3: Vapor Trail Limbdriver Pro-V rest

Drop-Away rests are a different species than the Whisker Biscuit. While there are fewer options for the latter, Drop Away arrow rests are abundant and widespread too! Check out the Pros and Cons before you read ahead:


• Simple timing.

• Contact with the shaft for 70% of the shot cycle.

• Easy to understand and use.

• Drop away rest provides speed and only releases the arrow when it has reached an absolute velocity.

• Low-maintenance and tuning required.

• Adjustable string tension.

• Left and right-hand orientation considered.


• Might not accurate if tuning is not done correctly.

• Relies on the limbs and cords, which may cause inaccuracy.

Ease of use may be a noticeable difference between Whisker Biscuit and Drop-Away arrow rests. However, there are so many options in the market for drop-aways that archers might purchase one just to enjoy the experience. 

The timing cord is a significant factor in the performance of any drop-away arrow rest, but your success rate may drop away due to any problem with the cords or tuning. The Limb Driver Pro V remains in contact with the shaft for 70% of the shot cycle, ensuring good speed and accuracy.

Beginners and seasoned archers will like the Pro V arrow rest as it is swift, sleek, and beneficial in always hitting the Bull’s Eye! Your effort will reduce as you shoot with precision and without much work on customizing your compound bow. 

The full-capture system of this arrow rest makes it an excellent choice over any other drop away arrow rest. Why? Because the simple adjustments and setting up of this rest ensures good results every time.

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4: Ripcord Technologies Code Red

A first look at this arrow rest will tell you that it is different than the others. How? Let’s see the Pros and Cons here:


• Holds the arrow completely.

• Makes it more comfortable to draw the shaft.

• Internal brake system.

• Lightweight and minimum tuning.

• Adjusts to wide and thin riders easily.


• No real disadvantages.

The Ripcord Code Red is a simple drop-away arrow rest that holds the arrow completely during the draw. As you release the shaft, the rest drops to give a complete touch-free release and accurate shot. 

The internal brake is the best feature of this arrow rest, as it eats the inertia and allows a well-focused and direct shot without moving the arrow from its course.

Aluminum is lightweight and helps keep your shots balanced without any extra effort. To top this all, the aluminum parts are all over-molded to provide a quiet and smooth shot, bringing down the big prey without any alerts or warnings. 

The best part about this arrow rest is that you will be able to shoot successfully without noise and with the precision that we all want.

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5: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Power Shot

One of the best options for hunting, the Power Shot, holds up the legacy of Trophy Ridge and remains the first choice for hunters everywhere. 

While we have discussed the other trophy Ridge arrow rests, the Power Shot still maintains its place among the best. Check out the Pros and Cons to understand this:


• Ballistix Copolymer System.

• Composite construction.

• Windage and elevation adjustments.

• Silent shot every time.

• Considers right and left-hand orientation.

• Adjustable for high and low anchor points.


• Might not let hunters work on their skill due to the ease of use and facility provided.

The Power Shot is an excellent pick for all hunters. However, if you choose this arrow rest, you might always remain dependent on it as the precision and accuracy it provides, very few alternatives can! 

The most effortless tuning for windage and elevation makes beginners also use this arrow rest. You can use this rest with all kinds of compound bows. The riser may be thin or wide, but the Power Shot will attach well!

One of the high-end arrows rests from Trophy Ridge, the Power Shot has a great look and is available in various colors.

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6: Quality Archery Design UltraRest HDX

Last but not least, UltraRest HDX arrow rest is an excellent choice for hunters who prefer speed and accuracy. You can skim through the Pros and Cons here:


• Durable and sturdy.

• Full-containment system.

• Customizable and adjustable.

• Lifetime warranty.


• Many hunters consider it high-priced.

UltraRest HDX is lightweight, sturdy, and precise. The Aluminum and steel construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting for years. 

The Full-containment system keeps arrows in place, and the target is never missed. All hunters can adjust the shaft rest according to their orientation. Right-handed hunters will find this as easy to use as left-handed hunters. 

The UltraLite is compatible with all kinds of bow frames, so even when you change your weapon, the arrow rest stays by your side! The lifetime warranty makes it easier to decide that this arrow rest will be your hunting partner for a long time.

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Why is an arrow rest important?

You don’t always need to take the full turn. There can be ways of improving skills, harnessing them with the use of technology. Arrow rests allow hunters and archers to maintain control over the arrow as they draw and release.

If you want full control of your prey, whether near or far, you need to ensure that the arrow hits the target without multiple attempts. The arrow rest helps keep your arrow in the right direction without losing speed. 

If you try to hunt without an arrow rest, as an occasional hunter, you might miss the target-and the prey may be gone forever!

Gone are the days when men hunted for food, and their hunting skills were swift and flawless. Now that hunting has become a seasonal game, many of us need a few rounds of arrows before we start hitting the target. 

Arrow rest can be a crucial breakpoint as it balances the arrow in its place, and as you draw, the direction does not waiver, and the speed doesn’t decrease either. 

A small yet effective piece, the arrow rest is useful for all kinds of crossbows, compound bows, and helps beginners reach their goal of good shots sooner than they anticipate!

Whisker Biscuit, or Drop-away: The right choice.

Choosing the right brand or arrow rest can be a challenge as there are many names and types of rest in the market. For hunting, you can choose between a whisker biscuit and a drop-away arrow rest. Let’s see which one is better, and when!

Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

This arrow rest is a simple and easy one, and many people relate to it because of its performance and accuracy.

These simple and easy-to-tune rests are accurate and have little chance of disappointing you. These rests are smooth and have become a favorite among many hunters over time.

If you want to find a problem with such rests, one may focus on the drop in speed as the whisker biscuit is in contact with the arrow throughout the shot cycle. The constant friction can reduce speed, but this is not a very significant problem.

Arrow rests are usually a personal choice, but the whisker biscuit has proved its accuracy and remains a comfortable pick as it is easy to tune and allows windage and elevation tuning.

Drop away arrow rest

For hunters who want speed and accuracy, a drop-away arrow rest is a right choice. As the fletching leaves the arrow, the speed of the shaft remains unchanged. You can shoot big prey with as much velocity as needed.

However, the drop-away arrow rest can also be a sophisticated device that many beginners might not understand. Setup, tuning, and even the timing of the rest are important factors, which many new hunters might not get very quickly.

Factors to consider before buying an arrow rest

Now that we have established that arrow rests are an essential tool, the next step will be to see which one is most suitable for you specifically. 

Shoot through arrow rests

Shoot-through arrow rests are an excellent choice for beginners as your arrow’s direction, and this rest enhances speed. Moreover, the straightforward design has zero complications, and beginners can get used to it quickly. 

The shoot-through rests were the most common at one time, but now you can find many options in the market. However, this old and simple design has become a comfortable device.

Target archers should use this rest as it is typically for compound bows. If you are a beginner, invest in an arrow rest to help you learn archery with all its “tools.”

The most significant advantage of using a shoot-through arrow rest is that they are affordable, and prongs are customizable for a wide range of arrow widths.

Whether you use a powered device with triggers or a mechanical shooting method, the shoot-through arrow rest will work on all kinds of systems! 

However, some disadvantages of this arrow rest require some skill to keep arrows on the prongs. Your shaft may slip off or tumble when you try to aim. 

Shoot-through arrow rests are also called prong-style rests, as this design comprises two prongs with movable dispersing that covers two-thirds of the arrow’s measurement.

If you are not hunting small animals and require swift movements while ensuring target success, these little rests will help you get better with every shot!  

Containment arrow rests 

Ever had a slip-off while aiming? If yes, try using a containment arrow rest that keeps your arrow in place as it confines the shaft until you are ready to shoot.

Again, beginners will find this helpful aid, but seasoned archers and hunters will rely on it too!

The confinement arrow rest is best for bowhunting, so you can consider the best rests if you plan a hunting trip. This tool is most compatible with crossbows and will give your arrow the direction and speed that your crossbow can provide. 

The most significant advantage of using this arrow rest is that it can provide great success and helps polish your hunting skills. You can focus on the prey without worrying about the arrow slipping off or losing speed.

It is best to test arrow rests for your comfort, and if you have learned archery on a range, you will be able to start hunting without fail! 

On the other side, the disadvantage of confinement arrow rests is that this tool can amplify any blunder like aiming errors. Moreover, the rest will interfere with the arrow’s flight as it grips it from three sides!

After assessing both pros and cons, it is still safe to say that all beginners and old-timers will love this tool if they want to gain control of their target.

Some tips and tricks will make it easier for you to shoot with this type of rest, but once you crack the code, there is no stopping!

Drop-away arrow rests

There is no mid-way for drop-away arrow rest users; either they love it or want to throw it away! However, if this kind of rest was the first one you used, you will be a faithful user forever. These arrow rests give shooters complete freedom as they work without interfering with the arrow fletchings.

Imagine an arrow shaft gliding through a rest. As the fletchings push through the rest, the speed of the arrow will drop a little. With drop-away arrow rests, the fletchings remain free and do not cause the speed to reduce. These arrow rests are most suitable for target archery.

The advantage of this kind of arrow rest is that it provides minimal contact with the arrow to not interfere with the speed. For horizontal and vertical flexes, this arrow rest is the best. The disadvantage of the drop-away arrow rest is that it can fail as it is an automated system.

The set-up of this rest can be challenging for anyone who is as simple as me! I had difficulty using this arrow rest only because the additional hassle of setting up the rest was a little odd for me. The noise of this arrow rest is another flaw that you might want to take into account.

Drop-away rests are the best option for archers on the range. You can try this rest for targets, but the noise and probability of failure will make it a secondary choice for bow hunters.


Which kind of arrow rest is best for me?

Arrow rests are an aid for ensuring better shots. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you work with a shoot-through arrow rest as it will help give you control over the bow and the arrow without losing focus on the prey.

Seasoned archers and hunters usually like containment arrow rests, but they can work with any rest. The drop-away arrow rests are a good choice for you if you are an archer on the range!

 Do I need to clean my arrow rest?

Arrow rests are a small disc-like device to support your arrow as you aim. This small tool does not require any cleaning or maintenance routine as it is just a short piece attached to your weapon. If you want, you can clean the rest, but it does not require any polishing or dusting.

However, you must keep the tiny hairs or bristles dust-free if you don’t want the arrows to lose speed. This cleaning is easy, and all you need to do is blow on the arrow rest to remove any dust particles, fur, or fibrous strands from the arrow rest. 

How far should the arrow be from the rest?

Past the rest, the arrow should be only an inch ahead as you would need the rest to graze the shaft as it shoots out of the arrow. This ‘grazing’ gives the arrow its direction, and speed will not alter due to the force you apply. At full draw, the arrow must be only an inch past the rest. 

Are left, and right-handed arrow rests available?

You can find an arrow rest that matches the hand orientation of your compound or crossbow. If you are left-handed, you can find an arrow rest that is for left-handed bows.

The same is for right-handed hunters; you can find arrow rests for both left and right-handed compounds and crossbows. 

Does Arrow rest need to be changed after a few hunting trips?

Arrow rests, compound bows, and other accessories for hunting are long-lasting and do not need replacements after short periods. Your arrow rest will last for years if you keep it clean and ensure that it does not become rusty.

Hunting equipment and accessories may cost you more than other sports, but these purchases last year!

Last thoughts:

You can choose the arrow rest that suits your style most and fulfills your hunting style and compound bow requirements. Are you going to hunt a big animal? 

Or is it just a small game that you wish to hunt? Every little factor will help you determine the best arrow rest for your hunting adventure.

If you can try various arrow rests, it will help you narrow down your favorites, and we think that your final choice will be from our list of whisker biscuit or drop-away arrow rests! Let us know what you decide on finally-happy shopping!

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