Barnett TS390 Reviews (What a Bow!)

When we set out to try the Barnett TS390 crossbow, we made a checklist to see where the bow falls in ranking when compared to other crossbows—Here are our Barnett TS390 reviews…

However, it was a pleasant surprise that we forgot all about the list when we tried out the Barnett TS390! 

If you can call holding a crossbow an experience, then shooting and hitting the target is an epic achievement!

A lot of research goes into the purchase of an ideal crossbow. The right build, the right features, and of course, the price! We tried cheap crossbows, and colorful, but the real deal is the one that can stand the test of wild.

While hunting, the crossbow should be such that it balances well, without missing the kill! Barnett TS390 proved to fit the description of an ideal crossbow for us, and here’s each feature in detail so you can also decide for yourself!






Barnett TS390

390 FPS

187 pounds

At first glance

Here’s a brief description of the crossbow, along with some salient features. However, we do recommend you read through the detail that follows so that you know what you are buying.

Overall Rating: 9

• Power and Performance.

• 8lbs weight.

• 4×32 illuminated scope

• Advanced trigger system,

• Nock sensors.

• Axle to axle length 16.75 inches uncocked, 12.75 inches cocked.

• Anti-Dry Fire system.

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Holding the bow

As you hold the Barnett TS390, you will notice that the crossbow is not very light—It may be a poor start to mention the only drawback first. However, you can sit back and read ahead as all that follows is good news! 

The upside of this heavy crossbow is that it built for force and performance. When you are out hunting big game, you require both these qualities to hit your target and hunt it down! You can focus on the game without worrying about balance, visibility, or a dry-fire spoiling some fun.

We found the crossbow a good choice for beginners as well as seasoned hunters. As you aim and shoot, the bow allows you to improve your skills. 

This tactical series crossbow has an adjustable AR15 buttstock, which has digital ruler markings for all body types. Another attractive feature of Barnett TS 390 is the industry-standard trigger system, which is responsive and allows a quick hit.

Design and build

The design of the Barnett TS390 is appealing, and the grey camo pattern gets you in the mood too—One look at the digital gray wrap and you will want to hold the bow.

 All tactical Series crossbows come with this attractive feature. With a staggering speed of 390 FPS, the crossbow is all about power, and power! The kinetic energy of the TS390 is 128 ft-lbs, with a power stroke reach of 14.25 inches and a draw weight of 187 pounds.

These statistics make it possible for any user to manage this heavy crossbow and use it easily. The axle to axle length is around 16 inches, which makes it land a place among the middle-ranked crossbows. However, if you use the crossbow with a tree stand or a blind, it qualifies as a quick and precise hit!

Amidst an array of crossbows in the market, Barnett TS390 manages to design one that stands out—The pioneer in bow-making has set a design bar, which is hard to meet as the parts are durable and long-lasting. The ventilated stock doesn’t just add to the look but can be adjusted according to the hunters’ requirements. 

The TS390 crossbow also has an aluminum flight track, which adds strength to the bow. The excellent performance of this crossbow was not a surprise for us, and you will also fall for it, as you peer through the illuminated scopes and aim. 

While there are several other features discussed here, we can fairly say that the TS390 has several advantages while the weight remains its only drawback!

The TS390 distinct features

The Barnett TS390 is a suitable weapon for the wild hunting adventures, which will support your hunting style without missing targets.

The illuminated scopes, 4×32 are included in the purchase and help aim better—You will also get CR2 batteries, required for the scope. 

The TS390 includes three Picatinny rails, which can be used for mounting all the accessories you need for becoming a seasoned hunter!

The advanced trigger system and the frictionless technology are the added features that make every shot a success. Barnett TS390 uses brush-style arrow retainers, which add oomph and style to the crossbow. 

The machined rail helps lay arrows flat, and this is a big advantage in the shooting—We shot a few customized arrows, and while the trigger was smooth, the shot was speedy and precise! 

Speaking of arrows, this crossbow is probably one of the few that comes with a quiver. Probably one of the best features of a crossbow as it allows quick access to bolts.  

The safety features of the TS390 are synchronized with the Barnett tradition of providing safety to hunters! To keep you safe from any risk of a dry-fire, the TS390 comes with an Anti-Dry Fire feature. 

It has the nock-sensors to prevent premature shots. Other safety features include the soft-look arrow retainer that keeps the arrow in place as you load it. The finger guard and safety reminders ensure that it is the game you are shooting! If you are new to bowhunting, consider reading the archery safety rules.

Worth the price

Some of you might give a negative mark for the Barnett TS390 after you hear the price. Look again, and then compare the features with all the other options. The price of this crossbow is worth the excellent performance and long run. You can rely on this one for years, and still, this crossbow will be by your side

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Low maintenance high performance

Barnett always creates designs that look complicated and intense, but don’t ever underestimate the ease and comfort that this crossbow comes with! 

Easy to maintain, Barnett TS390 will require just basic cleaning and occasional tuning. The single bolt assembly is not at all complicated when you both get acquainted. The cams are simple, and there is no professional adjustment required. Once you understand the parts of your bow, it becomes a sleeve, well, with the power to kill!

A silent bow is an efficient bow

You would never like vibrating strings or noisy shots, which might send an alert signal to the game. A vibrating string while you release the bolt can be risky for hunters as well. The TS390 comes with a silencing system that will not let your prey scurry away. String dampeners can eliminate vibrations and making sure you go for the kill-in silence!


It is true, the choice of a good crossbow is tough. You will find lightweight, sleek, and very fancy crossbows when you go to pick one. However, Barnett always sets a benchmark when it comes to attracting hunters on every front. Looks, design, and build of this crossbow take the lead in many ways!

Hunters in search of big game can enjoy their adventures and rely on the Barnett TS390 for power and performance. Your hunting cannot get more precise and worthwhile than this! 

Yes, we agree the crossbow was a little heavier than other choices, but the speed and precision that comes with it are weighty as well. You can keep your arrows accessible with the quiver that accompanies this crossbow. Now that your look is complete with the right accessories, you will find the unique features to be the assets every hunter requires!  

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